Human rights and Gen Y: Does social media undermine informed debate?

Event date: 
24 Oct 2013
1:00pm to 2:00pm
Staff Common Room, Level 2, UNSW Law
Human rights debate
Lyndon Goddard and Daniel Joyce
9385 1803

Social media should theoretically enhance debate over human rights and development issues because it provides greater access to information, and on a larger scale. However, the information supplied is often superficial, lacking in substance, and stylised to grab attention - not to provoke thought and debate - leaving the media consumer unable to form any real opinion or develop an erroneous one. As the most prolific consumers of social media, sometimes to the exclusion of other media, Gen Y is particularly at risk of being uninformed about some of the most important human rights issues facing the world today. With Lyndon Goddard, Daniel Joyce and Andrea Durbach.