Lucas Lixinski in Conversation with Kathy Bowrey and Ana Vrdoljak

Event date: 
25 Sep 2013
6:00pm to 7:00pm
Boardroom, Level 2 UNSW Law
Book launch
9385 1803

Book Launch: “Intangible Cultural Heritage Law in International Law”, by Lucas Lixinski, in conversation with Kathy Bowrey and Ana Vrdoljak

This book offers a comprehensive analysis of the legal issues around intangible cultural heritage (also known as traditional cultural expressions or folklore). It explores both institutional and substantive responses the law offers to the safeguarding of intangible heritage, relying heavily on critiques internal and external to the law. These external critiques primarily come from the disciplines of anthropology and heritage studies. The book will be discussed in conversation with Professor Kathy Bowrey (UNSW), a leading expert on indigenous intellectual property issues, and Professor Ana Vrdoljak (UTS), co-editor of the Oxford University Press series “Cultural Heritage Law and Policy”, under which this book has been published. Exploring the perspectives of these three scholars, the conversation will discuss the emergence and reach of intangible cultural heritage as a codeword for power, tradition, market, rights and emancipation.