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Workshop on Advancing the Campaign to Elaborate A United Nations Convention on the Rights of Older Persons

This Workshop is intended to provide an opportunity for those advocating for a new convention to come together to share experiences and develop strategies to advance that campaign, ahead of the 7th session of the OEWGA.

South Africa’s Transformative Constitution unravelling: implications for constitutionalism with Justice Dennis Davis

Justice Davis argued that the South African Constitution has been largely successful as a mechanism through which politicians can be held to account and political decisions can be challenged in his recent seminar at UNSW Law. Read more...

Where next for accountability for juvenile detention centres?

Eleanor Holden writes for The Student Voice that it remains to be seen if the current Royal Commission can provide more effective outcomes than previous investigations and will extend to a more comprehensive view of the justice system. Read more...

Book Launch: Prosecuting Conflict-Related Sexual Violence at the ICTY with Judith Gardam

No longer can those involved in armed conflict regard gender-based violence as part of the price of doing business, as the spoils of war or just boys being boys writes Judith Gardam. Read more....

Everyday Sexism and Gender Inequality: The Conversation no-one thought Trump would be starting

Universities have a part to play in promoting initiatives that educate young people on consent, that aim to prevent sexual violence, and instill the sort of values that tear down, rather than reinforce “rape culture”. Read more from Jess Clarke...

International Crimes Against Cultural Heritage: The ICC's Mali Judgment

On 6 October 2016, the AHRCentre held a seminar, co-hosted with the Australian Red Cross, on the recent ICC decision in the Al Mahdi Case. The case has signaled some important firsts for the court, including the first time the war crime of destruction of cultural heritage.

The ICC's Al-Mahdi ruling protects cultural heritage, but didn't go far enough

In the first of its kind, the International Criminal Court has delivered an important judgment on the destruction of World Heritage. Read the full article by AHRCentre project directors Lucas Lixinski and Sarah Williams for The Conversation here.

Maintaining relevance: The future of the UN and Australia's engagement

Yesterday we had the privilege to sit in on a conversation between, in the words of moderator Chris Michaelsen, "the two most knowledgeable experts in the world on the United Nations, Leanne Smith and Jeni Whalan.” Jeni and Leanne spoke about challenges and limitations of the UN in varying contexts...

International human rights law and violence against women: Thinking through the arguments for and against a new UN Convention

AHRCentre Chairperson Andrew Byrnes met last week in Tokyo with Ms Yoko Hayashi, the current Chairperson of the UN Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women. Read more...

Human Rights Defender launch: Special issue on Villawood

On Tuesday 6th September, the Human Rights Defender held a launch for its Villawood issue at UNSW Law. The launch included five guest speakers, and had a diverse crowd of guests, including refugees, students, volunteers from different NGOs, artists and authors.