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Half the Sky highlights the world's most pervasive human rights violation - violence against women

A packed Law Theatre at UNSW's Law Faculty last night, watched an abridged version of Half the Sky based on Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn's book and heard from panel speakers and audience members about the extent and nature of the world's most pervasive human rights violation - violence agai

Intervention in Libya: Another Nail in the Coffin for the Responsibility-to-Protect?

Chris Michaelsen and UNSW law graduate David Berman publish a critical article on the Responsibility to Protect doctrine (RtoP) and the intervention in Libya.

Individual Communication to the United Nations Human Rights Committee

An Indonesian fisherman has filed the first international case against Australia’s people smuggling legislation, claiming the laws violate international law. The fisherman is represented by senior law students from UNSW Law's Human Rights Clinic.

ASEAN Civil Society Groups call for greater corporate accountability for human rights

On November 15, 2012 civil society groups in Southeast Asia released a statement "Demanding Accountability in ASEAN: A Workshop on Rights Protection and Accountability Standards in Sovereign, Multilateral and Corporate Investment in ASEAN".

The Unintended Consequences of Characterizations of Indigenous Identity: Going Back to Court

The cover story on today's (November 12, 2012) The Australian discusses a story first broken by The Canberra Times about whether a person's skin colour should be determining of their status as indigenous.

Companies must uphold human rights

The interconnection between human rights and the corporate sector has been a matter of public debate for several decades now amidst growing concern over the social and environmental impacts of globalisation and the increasingly powerful role played by multinational corporations in the global economy.

The Asian Development Bank and the Role of Human Rights in the Pursuit of Just and Sustainable Development in the Asia-Pacific Region: An Advocacy Role for Australia?

The Asian Development Bank (‘ADB’) is an important institutional financer of development in the Asia-Pacific region: its primary mission is reducing poverty in the region by promoting sustainable and inclusive economic growth.

Legal, not just moral, liability is key to child labour outrage

In this era of globalisation, companies roam widely searching for the cheapest sources of production. So is it really shocking to learn that child labour is at the base of this particular supply chain?

AHRCentre and NSW Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby convene roundtable on the protection of LGBTI rights in new Commonwealth anti-discrimination legislation

Experts on anti-discrimination law and public health and key advocates from Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex communities from across Australia met on Friday.

Global Debate & Public Policy Challenge Scholarship - Budapest

Join the Global Debate & Public Policy Challenge today and and become eligible to win a trip to Budapest and a $10,000 scholarship. Write, present, and defend your policy recommendation and contribute to the conversation about issues affecting the global community - by November 30, 2012.