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The Severance of Case 002 at the ECCC - A Radical Trial Management Technique or a Step Too Far?

AHRCentre Project Director Sarah Williams writes on how, in Case 002, severance has led to complex legal challenges and considerable uncertainty regarding its impact on the trial and the right of the accused to a fair trial.

Generous super concessions in the human rights landscape

Our Human Rights Defender intern, Michaela Vaughan, argues that the $15 billion spent in super tax concessions to Australia’s wealthiest 10% could be used in a myriad of ways to ensure a fairer and more equitable Australia and that superannuation is not often enough thought of in terms of human rights...

Destruction of world heritage site justifies military action

When we destroy a people's historical and cultural achievements, we erase them from history - AHRCentre Project Director Dr Lucas Lixinski argues in today's SMH that the Islamic State is copying the Nazis in selling valuable artefacts to fund its atrocities and destroying significant cultural sites, justifying military action.

Documenting the vulnerability and marginalisation of women and girls displaced to urban Afghanistan

The power of the seminar and report lies predominantly in the way it documented the lives of displaced Afghani women and girls, many of whom are in despair, potentially suicidal and with unmet mental health needs.

Security Council’s rejection of MH17 tribunal: exposing structural flaws and maintaining impunity?

The Security Council’s failure to agree to the establishment of the tribunal does not reduce the necessity of prosecuting those who are responsible for the downing of MH17, writes AHRCentre intern Darren Ou Yong. Read more...

Decisions of the Disabled and Supported Decision Making

How would you feel if you had most of your big life decisions made for you? Or even your little day-to-day decisions, like what you eat, when you eat and what time you go to bed? Listen to Gerard Quinn and Rosemary Kayess discuss these issues on Radio 2SER and debate them at the SPRC.

Spotlight on our PhDs - Emily Waller

PhD Candidate Emily Waller, with International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda President Vagn Joensen, was in Arusha, Tanzania, conducting interviews to better understand the impact of participation in judicial processes on stigma and discrimination arising from sexual violence crimes. Read more about Emily's work...

Human Rights Defender on cultural heritage and human rights

This issue of the Human Rights Defender engages with the role of cultural heritage with respect to human rights. Cultural heritage here is different from culture. In many respects, it is culture condensed, crystallized in certain objects, places and practices. To read the full editorial, click on the title above.

UNSW Law students meet Gillian Triggs in Beijing

UNSW Law students interning at Zhicheng Public Interest Lawyers met with Australian Human Rights Commission President Gillian Triggs in Beijing, China in July. The students conducted comparative international legal research into human rights issues facing China.

On reforming guardianship - podcast available

Listen to Rosemary Kayess, as she welcomed three distinguished experts in the field of guardianship: Peter Blanck, Gerard Quinn and Graeme Smith - and discussions on unjustified isolation from the community, the Jenny Hatch case, imaging of personhood, and much more...