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On the use of 'punitive language' and poverty

Australia's conservative government has drawn heavily on policy positions developed by American conservative think tanks, Professor Philip Alston told an audience at the 2017 Australian Human Rights Centre Annual Public Lecture.

Listen to Prof Philip Alston's lecture: Why does it matter if others have more? How extreme inequality and poverty violate human rights

In responding to the poverty that accompanies this extreme inequality, governments are often more concerned with finding novel ways to stigmatize those living in poverty than in crafting solutions. What can the human rights movement offer in response?

Reaching Safe Ground: Addressing Sexual Assault and Harassment at Australian Universities

On 3rd August 2017, the Australian Human Rights Centre launched On Safe Ground: A Good Practice Guide for Australian Universities. Read more from Sharon Mo...

The Guardian - Sexual assault at universities: the same degrading attitudes permeate society

AHRCentre Director Andrea Durbach and Damian Powell write for The Guardian: At its heart, the disturbing prevalence of sexual assault and harassment...

On Safe Ground: Strengthening Australian university responses to sexual assault and harassment - A Good Practice Guide for Australian Universities

On Safe Ground is now available for on title above for access

Mapping the Landscape of Multi-Stakeholder Initiatives – Few MSIs Are Equipped to Address Governance Gaps

Over the past 30 years of globalization, it has become increasingly evident that, in many parts of the world, local governments are either unwilling or unable to protect their own people or the plane - creating governance gaps. Read more...

The field of power of transnational law and the new democratic deficit by Danielle Celermajer

In the last 30 years, human rights advocates have brought suits for violations of human and environmental rights throughout the world, and against non-state actors under Alien Torts Statute, a piece of US legislation interpreted as providing jurisdiction over such cases. Read more...

The Business of Migrant Worker Recruitment: Who Has the Responsibility and Leverage to Protect Rights?

Governance of temporary labor migration is emerging as one of the most significant social, economic, and human rights challenges of this century. This is especially the case in Asia. Read more from Bassina Farbenblum & Justine Nolan...

Freedom of speech, s 18c and Yassmin Abdel-Maggied

Read from Human Rights Defender Student Editor Brittney Rigby, who argues that the point of free speech is to extend protection to unpopular, contentious opinions; even those made by Muslim women of colour that question our white history.

Establishment of an Advisory Group on Business and Human Rights

Congratulations to Assoc Prof Justine Nolan, who will provide expert advice to support government and business to work together to improve human rights, including a review of existing laws, policies and best practices relevant to the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.