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AHRCentre Project Director Beth Goldblatt responds to single parent welfare cuts

United Nations human rights monitors have asked the Federal Government to justify its decision to cut welfare payments to single parents, reports ABC News. The Federal Government this year moved thousands of single parents onto the lower unemployment payment.

Centre Director Andrea Durbach takes on vengeance

Speaking as part of The School of Life Melbourne Secular Sermon Series at Melbourne Town Hall on 21st April, Andrea's sermon will focus on the ways we rationalise capital punishment – and how vengeance manifests in support of this enterprise.

Looking back at 20 years of the HRD: The threat of a “racist hate-fest”

The struggle against racism is not one for amateurs or political grandstanders. It requires bold leadership that is willing to break with the past, leaders with the appropriate insight and language; with skills which are geared towards an understanding of the deep complexity of racism, its origins, its guises, its consequences.

South Africa Human Rights Clinic

A new overseas experiential learning course began this summer. The South Africa Human Rights Clinic offered six students the opportunity to travel to Johannesburg Africa to work for five weeks in different human rights and public interest law organisations.

In Japan, Dr Christopher Michaelsen speaks on Terrorism and Human Rights

Dr Christopher Michaelsen, the AHRCentre's research project director on International co-operation, human rights and counter-terrorism, is presenting a course on Terrorism and Human Rights at Akita International University as part of the Project for Promotion of Global Human Resource Development.

Looking back at 20 years of the Human Rights Defender: photojournalism as a line of defence in war

Looking back at 20 years of the Human Rights Defender: Over the next several weeks, we'll be showcasing some of the highlights of 20 years of articles and photographs from the Defender. This photograph is from Stephen Dupont's body of work in Afghanistan.

Upcoming seminar on The Future of the Responsibility to Protect

Two opposing views on The Responsibility to Protect (R2P). Join us for an informative afternoon on Tuesday, February 19th, with AHRCentre project director, Dr Christopher Michaelsen, for his paper Outdated and Useless: R2P after Libya and Syria, along with Professor Tim Dunne and Professor Kath Gelber, for their paper Communicative Action and the Responsibility to Protect: the case of Libya.

One Billion Rising: Raising awareness of the world's most pervasive human rights violation - violence against women

It is estimated that over one billion women today have been or will be the victims of gender-based violence.

Simone Gbagbo & the International Criminal Court: The unsettling spectre of the female war criminal

AHRCentre member Louise Chappell and PhD student Rosemary Grey have just published an article on Simone Gbagbo and the ICC in IntLawGrrls, a website that focuses on international law, policy and practice.

AHRCentre Chair and UNSW Law Faculty international lawyer Professor Andrew Byrnes appointed as adviser to Parliamentary human rights committee

We are delighted to announce that AHRCentre Chairperson and UNSW Law Faculty international human rights lawyer, Professor Andrew Byrnes, has been appointed as external legal adviser to the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights.