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Chris Michaelsen comments on contemporary role of the UN Security Council

After handing out chocolate Koalas to all delegates in the UN General Assembly in a desperate last-minute effort to shore up support, Australia was elected on 18th October 2012 to serve a 2-year term on the UN Security Council.

Disability Rights Now is published and available here

For the first time ever, the United Nations is reviewing Australia's compliance with the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Professor Andrew Byrnes speaks on Peoples’ tribunals and International Law in Switzerland

Peoples’ Tribunals and International Law was the focus of a public lecture and seminar class by Professor Andrew Byrnes at the University of Zurich this month.

Gabrielle Simm joins the AHRCentre

The AHRCentre welcomes Gabrielle Simm as a new project director working with Andrew Byrnes on the Peoples' Tribunals project. Gabrielle is a Senior Research Associate working with Andrew on the Discover Project, ‘Whose Law is it, anyway?

Companies shouldn't be able to hand-pass footballs made by children

Senior Lecturer and Deputy Director of the Australian Human Rights Centre, Justine Nolan writes in the Sydney Morning Herald (24 September 2012).

Report available violence against women from the Australian Human Rights Commission

In April this year, former Deputy Sex Discrimination Commissioner and Director of the AHRCentre, Andrea Durbach accompanied UN Special Rapporteur on violence against women, Ms Rashida Manjoo (pictured here), on a study tour in Australia.

Human Rights Defender Issue 21-2 available at UNSW Bookshop

The latest copy of the Human Rights Defender, focusing on poverty and human rights, is now available at the UNSW Bookshop for $5.

AHRCentre Director Andrea Durbach responds to recent developments arising from the South African miners' strike

The manipulation of an English legal doctrine to repress South Africa's striking miners is a grotesque irony in a post-apartheid democracy.

Abu Qatada decision of the European Court of Human Rights

Chris Michaelsen publishes comment in the ICLQ on the recent Abu Qatada decision of the European Court of Human Rights  and discusses its implications for the principle of non-refoulement.

Brigid Inder has been appointed as the Gender Adviser to the ICC Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda

Friend of the AHRCentre, Brigid Inder, has been appointed as the Gender Adviser to the ICC Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda.