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Conor Gearty – On Fantasy Island, Britain, Europe and Human Rights

We see in our species a capacity to engage in a commitment to universal human flourishing … it’s also about something more sophisticated … about the power of collaboration with strangers, to reach across cultures and ethnicities and divides, to integrate.

Rural Australia: A Big, Red Gap in the Human Rights Agenda

In rural Australia, the right to work is threatened by a lack of jobs. Although it is common to talk of the issues facing rural Australians in terms of disadvantage, it is less common to talk of such issues in terms of human rights. Yet many of the issues facing rural Australians are human rights issues.

Review of Business and Human Rights: From Principles to Practice

Prof Harry J Van Buren III writes that 'This book is a very important advance in the BHR understand the history of the BHR debate, and the challenges and opportunities associated with placing more stringent responsibilities on business in the human rights domain.'

7th Annual Human Rights Tertiary Teachers’ Workshop 2017

The 7th Annual Human Rights Tertiary Teachers’ Workshop 2017 will be held on Tuesday, 14th February 2017 at Monash University Law Chambers, 555 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne. Read more...

Wishing you a peaceful new year

The AHRCentre is closed for the university break and will re-open on 19 January 2017.

Women's health rights night

Access to primary health care is the key to attaining a level of health that will permit all individuals to lead a socially and economically productive life, and women continue to face discrimination within and exclusion from a critical condition that enables life.

Workshop: Prosecuting sexual and gender based violence crimes at international courts and tribunals: recent advances and ongoing challenges

Systematic sexual and gender-based violence are increasingly recognised as defining characteristics of contemporary armed conflict. Read more...

Fidel Castro's legacy: beyond human rights clichés

Make no mistake – the language of human rights is a powerful tool of international politics. It can shape the way we think about other countries. We are wide open to suggestion when we hear the words human rights, because they sound so pure and precious.

UNSW student interns focus on children’s rights in China

Five UNSW Law students (Emma Holloway, Sophie Dawson, Fiona So, Nanak Narulla and Jessica Meech) undertook internships at Zhicheng Public Interest Lawyers in Beijing in July 2016, focusing on trafficking of children, online child pornography, and the impact of business practices on children.

Book launch and conference on ‘Sexual Violence in Armed Conflict’ at The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Prof. Chappell presented on ‘Gender misrecognition in international criminal law’ which highlighted women's experiences of war and conflict that have been ignored or marginalised in international law. Read more...