The AHRCentre aims to promote public awareness and academic scholarship about domestic and international human rights standards, laws and procedures through research projects, education programs and publications. The Centre brings together practitioners, research fellows and student interns from Australia and internationally to research, teach and debate contemporary human rights issues. The Centre also publishes the Australian Journal of Human Rights and the Human Rights Defender and hosts a number of seminars and events each year.

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Latest news

Media, Corporate Responsibility and Free Speech with Prof Sarah Joseph

The focus of the seminar was on applying the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights to the media industry and how, in their current state, these principles are conceptually inadequate to deal with the human rights responsibilities of the contemporary media.

Human Rights and the Anti-Doping Lex Sportiva— The Relationship of Public and Private International Law

Read Prof Andrew Byrnes's chapter on how human rights standards affect the exercise of power by those who decide whether or not a person should be permitted to engage in sport because of alleged or proven doping.

Four executed and more to come: Jokowi’s “shoot to kill” strategy on fighting drugs

Lexi Sun, our AHRCentre Reprieve intern, writes about Indonesia’s hardline stance on capital punishment for drug-related crimes - an absolute focus on the collective ‘right to life’ rather than on individual rights. Read more...

The Northern Territory Royal Commission: Will it make a difference?

Eleanor Holden, our Human Rights Defender student intern, probes into the current debate that the Royal Commission has failed to highlight and question the over-representation of Indigenous youth in the Northern Territory justice system. Read more...

Podcast from Radio National: Human rights and its importance for business

Last night, ABC's Radio National aired the AHRCentre's 2016 Annual Lecture with Former Asst Secretary of State for the Obama administration, Michael Posner, on Making Progress: Human Rights as an Essential Element of Sustainable Business.

The West itself is fuelling the terrorist threat

AHRCentre project director Chris Michaelsen writes for the Canberra Times that dramatised, martial rhetoric by politicians plays into the hands of IS and its narrative of conflict, causing unnecessary alarm and fear among the public.